You guys are an answer to our prayers.

Dear Joel and Kathy,

You guys are an answer to our prayers.

MY husband is very loving and kind. In many, many ways he has been a great husband.

The main problem we were having and could not figure out the solution was that I would go into fits and sometimes rages over sexual issues.

The Lord has helped us understand (through your teaching) that my husband needs to bring emotional healing to me. I needed to be able to expose my whole heart to him, without his getting defensive or offended at what I had to say.

He needed to own the deep hurts that he put into me for many years. It was painful and scary for me to open up and trust that my husband could take it.

Well Joel, your words to men to stop being immature babies affected my husband.

Now he says, “I’m not a baby, don’t treat me like one, tell me what you have to, I can take it”. Praise God!

I have been able to tell my husband the ways he had hurt me in the past, things that I had felt he didn’t understand how deeply I had been hurt.

Also, I have been able to express to him that I need his total devotion. I need to know that I am enough for him. (We have 12 children, I am 45 yrs.old, he is 40 yrs. old, we celebrated our 20th anniversary on May 31st.)

I am hoping that this will give me the healing and closure like you say it will. My husband says that of course it will. He truly wants to be this Godly man of God to me. I am blessed beyond measure. God is faithful.

We have added you both to our prayer list for protection and that the Lord will bless and multiply your ministry.

Much love in Christ,