You are not going to believe this!

Joel and Kathy,

You are not going to believe this! My mom stayed in the motel for one week. Dad read the book during that week and God took the scales off his eyes; he is a changed man and is willing to testify to this fact in front of the whole church and also his children.

They are going to renew their vows Feb. 13th, reception and all. Dad went out and bought mom awhole set of rings and a wedding dress! This is too awesome!

Their church has requested to buy some of the books from me. I am encouraging them to order their own because I’ve had no problem getting rid of them!

What an awesome God we serve!
Allyssa Monroe

Here is part three of this testimony!

Dear Joel and Kathy,

I work for a secular organization and one of the therapists has ordered four from me! He says he is going to give them to his daughters. I am so excited!

What I plan to do is make the books available to our church near Valentines Day. I know I will get a great response from our congregation.

I’ll be in touch,
Allyssa Monroe

Here is part four of this testimony!


My folks are doing great! Mom said dad is like a little kid in a candy store

God Bless,
Allyssa Monroe, Alabama (About February 7th, 2005)

Here is part five of this testimony!


Dear Joel and Kathy,

Mom and dad had a beautiful ceremony, Unity candle and all. They also took communion, just the two of them! All five of us children were in it, too; we lit our candles to represent our birth order, and our family unit. There were a couple of songs sung, and then the pastor told the congregation that in all 30 years of preaching, he had never seen a transformation like my father has made!

Dad told the congregation that he will never raise his voice in anger to mom ever again. He said he had the knowledge of the Bride of Christ in his head all these years but didnt have it in his heart. Once it made it to his heart, he understood how he was supposed to treat my mom. There were two wedding cakes, bride and grooms cake, gifts and a honeymoon, too. Because my husband works at a resort, we were able to get them a two-bedroom condo for one night (with a fireplace). All of us kids pitched in and gave them money to pay for their room and going out to eat.

After they had checked into their room and went out to eat, my husband and I drove to the resort and had the front desk take to their room a food basket with all kinds of goodies that I had put together: chocolates, cheese, grapes, sausages, and a candle.

They are on cloud nine! Praise God! I went ahead and gave my other two brothers each a book for Valentines Day. Now my sister and all my brothers have your book. I can’t keep them! My mom cleans my house and was here yesterday and took two, one to give to a woman at her church and one to give to her biological sister. They are going like hot cakes around here! I’ll be ordering more when their testimony is in your next edition. You guys have no idea how many lives you have touched.

God Bless,
Allyssa Monroe
(Received the week following the February 13th ceremony)

This entire miracle began at the beginning of January, with the simple discovery of this life changing book.