There has been some change.

Dear Joel and Kathy,

I have been counseling with a couple for over a month now. There has been some change. The progress has been slowed by years of disappointment. It has been further complicated by controlling, stubborn temperaments and the husband has only done some of his homework. He has shown some signs of change, but for only a couple days each week; the rest of the time he reverts to his old behavior.

I did not think that I would have any success in getting him to read a whole book on marriage. When they arrived for their last session, I first met with the husband. After this, he relaxed in the waiting room as I worked with his wife. Imagine my surprise when his wife and I emerged from our session and found him reading “The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!” He said, “I am taking this home, well, can I take this home? I actually am almost done with it.” Joel and Kathy, I could hardly believe it! He was 2/3 the way through and couldn’t put it down. I was so excited to see him fully interested in his marriage in that way. I am very pleased at the approach Joel and Kathy take in this book. It’s real people with real answers. I have ordered additional copies for use with clients and I highly recommend its use to other professional marriage counselors. Praise God!

Lisa Winchell
Licensed Pastoral Counselor