Thank you so much for the eye opening experience!

Dear Joel and Kathy (This letter is a co letter from both husband and wife.)

Thank you so much for the eye opening experience. I am so amazed at how simple the process is, how it just make so much sense, how if just feels right to the heart and soul in so many ways. And yet how hard it is for some.
I pray that every person sees this as a chance to fulfill their place in the perfect design that God has called us to be in the Family.

Now that I understand what I am called to be there is no other way for me because my family is so important. My place in my marriage is to important, God has called me to be something GREAT, A Husband and a Father. God is counting on me to be the living example of love. What does that mean, God is Love and God is asking me to be the living love that my family needs so that they not only feel him in there hearts but can see and feel him in my arms. He is counting on me!!!

Kathy and Joel you have empowered me, you have given me the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hands to reach, the heart to love my wife and my family that without you I could not have been able. Thank you for saving my marriage. Thank you for saving my childrens pain. Thank you for helping me to understand what Gods purpose is for me.

Thank you, Joel and Kathy for teaching my husband how to Love Me.

Christina and Donald