Six Week Marriage Miracle Launch!

If you are reading this, then you already know what it means to have misery in your marriage.  No one really needs to tell you. You are living it:

*Constant fighting.


*Cold shoulders.

*Little or no affection.

*Probably a good deal of mental, emotional, spiritual and/or verbal abuse.

*Threats of divorce.

* One or both of you are seemingly not that interested in having a great marriage.


Perhaps you don’t even believe that it could be possible.

The list could go on and on. You are living it. You know the bad. That is what we call misery in marriage

Let’s talk about what you could have.

How would you like to have the type of relationship that you had when you were dating?


*To get along wonderfully, all of the time.

*To be completely done with fights, big arguments, all of those misunderstandings?


Picture yourself experiencing:


  1. Good days, every day, WITH your spouse. Yes, it IS possible!
  2. Closure for the many hurts and wounds of the past: Real and genuine closure that leads you both to desire to be wonderfully affectionate; all day, every day.
  3. Conversations that are relaxed and enjoyable as you go through each and every day with peace and FEELINGS of love between the 2 of you.
  4. Having a marriage where you can say that your marriage truly is your safe place.  Your happy place.
  5. Real teamwork with decisions concerning finances, children, life goals, and dreams. A relationship where you are one heart, one mind, one flesh.   A marriage where the two are truly becoming one.
  6. A marriage relationship where you are truly honoring one another, esteeming one another, respecting one another, and valuing one another.
  7. And yes, because all of these other things are happening, you are both enjoying making love on a regular basis, pretty much whenever one – or both of you are in the mood, and you are each enjoying that lovemaking life with a variety of expression and spice.

This is the end result of where we will take you if you simply give yourselves a chance.   We will be with you every step of the way.


Your Six Week Marriage Miracle Launch includes:

Six-2 hour live teaching, coaching, and marriage troubleshooting calls, private with Joel and Kathy for you and a maximum of 5 other couples in your Marriage Miracle Launch.  (Once each week).

Each of these six weeks will focus on one or more of the many “most important” things that you must learn and implement to go “From Misery to an Outrageously Happy Marriage!”

The value of these Six Weeks of Marriage Launch calls is $1000.

A PDF or Physical copy (your choice) of both books: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Livin’ it and Lovin’ it!  (240 pages and 372 pages).   ($25 – $40 value)

12-hour DVD set. ($95 value)

Bonus: Access to 8 hours each week of our regular group couples coaching calls and 6 hours of our regular men’s coaching calls.   You probably will not dial in for all 14 hours per week.  We normally recommend 1 or 2 calls each week.   On the other hand, if you want as much immersion as possible then feel free to call into every single call!  ($442.50 value)

That is up to 14 hours each week x 6 weeks for a total of 84 bonus hours of group coaching plus your 12 Marriage Miracle Launch hours.

Bonus #2 One-hour private emergency call with Joel, Kathy, or both Joel and Kathy.  This private coaching call can be previous to, during, or even after your Six Week Launch. ($300 value)

Six Week Marriage Miracle

Bonus #3. For wives: You will be included in Kathy’s group text for women.  Value? Priceless.

This Marriage Miracle Launch is not a replacement for attending a 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive.  Many couples (perhaps you!) will have all that you need in this Marriage Miracle Launch. You might get your total miracle that easy!   You will be able to move forward with new happiness and joy in your marriage. If desired, you will be able to access the ongoing regular coaching calls as desired for a small monthly fee.  You will be in control. You will decide.

If your marriage turns out to be one that needs more intensive care, you will later be able to attend, live, and in person with Joel and Kathy, one of our Ministry Crown Jewel 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensives here in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida.

Note: If you know already that you will want to attend a 5 -Day Weekend Marriage Intensive, then, in that case, this 6-Week Marriage Miracle Launch package is recommended, (but not required) as preparation for your 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive!

The goal is an outrageously happy marriage!  As we say on the back cover of Livin’ it and Lovin’ it!…   “You can have an outrageously happy marriage. Follow us. We will show you the way!”   Why? Because…  If Joel and Kathy can do it, so can you!


Meet Joel and Kathy


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