marriage being taught “upside down”,

Dear Joel and Kathy,

Thanks for your very supportive comments on the TCW message board! It’s great to “meet” you, especially since our ministry goals are so similar. I like the clarity of the statement about marriage being taught “upside down”, it’s easy (for wives) to grasp, and see in their own lives. I agree with all your comments, and also counsel women to begin speaking clearly and directly. They are filled with shame, and it is so sad.

The Myth targets Christian women and challenges them about “myths” they have fallen into about submission and dying to self. I’m very glad to learn of your book and I know it will be a very valuable resource to me and to others I’ll share it with. I’ve not known of a book clearly stating the “backwardness” of marriage teachings in the church, and your testimony is so powerful and courageous. I can whole heartedly stand behind it.

I am grateful for any opportunities to promote one another’s books, and will start spreading the word in my counseling network. I looked on your web site, and it was great fun to find a testimonial from Gary Lange — he was my internship supervisor about twelve years ago, and a super guy.

Many blessings,
Brenda Waggoner
Author: The Myth of The Submissive Christian Woman, Tyndale House