I want you to know your book is changing lives!

Joel and Kathy,

We met at the NCCA meeting in Orlando.
I want you to know your book is changing lives!

My husband has changed his attitude and is treating me like I’m his bride. We’ve been married 15 years. I hooked him on the book by reading him chapter 20
first! hee hee hee!

One of my brothers is reading it and can’t put it down; (20 years of marriage) his wife says he is making changes and is even getting up in the middle of the night to read it. He is going to buy one of your books and give it to my other brother for his birthday.

Get this, my mother has left my father after 46 years of marriage! She said that after reading your book a couple of times that she realized she was not to blame for the problems in the marriage. She really grasped every word that was written. It helped her toughen up and take a stand against the emotional and Spriritual abuse of my father; he is an assistant Pastor of a non-denominational church. He says one thing in the pulpit and another thing at home. I am so proud of my mother for taking a stand. Right now she is staying in a motel and her and my father are talking things

This is all good! Praise God for your story.

I will be in touch to buy more books! God is good!

Allyssa Monroe