I had no hope for our marriage.

Dear Joel and Kathy,

Not too long ago I had no hope for our marriage. I can honestly say that Terry and I had both come to the point of calling it quits. There were so many times that loneliness seemed to be the only way of life. I felt like everything I said was wrong.

We would argue sometimes for hours. Our fights always ended with bitterness and frustration. I would at times throw things in anger at him. I always felt like the fight was my fault. I could never understand why we just didnt seem to like each other. Many times during our fights I would tell Terry that I wanted a divorce. That made things more hopeless.

It was after 12 years of marriage that Terry left our three beautiful children and me. I honestly thought that our relationship had ended.

Well I can say that miracles do take place! I never thought this miracle would happen this side of heaven.

I really do not know why it took us so long to finally find our place in this marriage. Instead of having a husband who hates me, I have a husband who is starting to understand me. Instead of having a husband who gets offended at nearly everything I say, I have a husband who actually listens and reassures me when I am upset.

Your book told Terry that if he actually listened to me and stopped getting offended that I would not react the way I have in the past and a lot of my problems would go away. This could not have been a more truthful insight.

It was just today that I was feeling insecure about something. Terry came to me and told me that everything was going to be ok and he held me until I felt better. There was a day when he would have told me how wrong I was for feeling that way. Things would have elevated to a fight. Terry now understands that it is my heartfelt need to be heard and understood. It is not a need for him to fix me. In the past Terry would have felt threatened and taken it personally; now it is not that way.

It is this kind of love coming from him that makes me feel like I can handle life. It is this kind of love that helps me to be the kind of person that my husband needs me to be.

Joel and Kathy, I just want to thank you for what your book has done for our marriage. It is like I have a new husband who really cares for me and says nice things to me. Terry has taken his place as the head of our household. He is truly becoming the man of my dreams! Now I have the love that I always needed, to be the women I always knew that I could be…”The Woman of His Dreams!” We’re walking in a miracle!

Forever grateful,
Christine Robinson Tulsa, Oklahoma