I am doing a lot better!


I just wanted to say that I am doing a lot better! Am on your second book, called in more to the calls lately and even tonight my wife listened in on the call for her second time.

God is doing such a work in my heart through the Truth that He is speaking to me throughout the books you have written. I am really growing up! Your books are such a miracle from the Lord! They have spoken to me like nothing else ever has, and have gotten to the root of things and helped me to see the need to grow up and stop getting defensive when she shares her feelings.

I have stopped dumping my feelings on her or talking about my feelings when she starts to share hers. I have stopped being so much all about ME and shifted my focus to her.

I have truly been able to see my wife as my marriage manual-this has changed everything! Whoever was running the couples call tonight we heard was who took a call from me a few weeks ago super late and he and his wife really poured into me a lot and helped me see that I needed to see her as a gift from the Lord to help me grow up and she will tell me how to change for the better.

Anyways, got to get off here as my wife could give labor this weekend with our first! I am so thankful for you guys and your ministry. Our friends Don and Cheryl Perez are at your intensive in California right now-it was a miracle they made it there and we are praying Don really Gets it!

There is another man who was my mentor and his wife left him who I gave your books to-he mailed them back to me! He said he heard they were not biblical. I think it must just be a hard heart huh for people to say that because I don’t see anything unbiblical in them-please pray for them-Jason and Susan.



P.s. My friends Cory and Chortle from Eugene Oregon told me about you guys