He finally did it !

Hi Kathy and Joel,

Just wanted to pass along a “good” piece of news for a change!

He finally did it last night — WITHOUT MY REMINDER!!!

For about the last three weeks, I have been talking to Dan about having that “talk” with at least the oldest of our children — the one where he “takes ownership” of all this junk, and apologizes for being such a poor example, and tells him it”s NOT all my fault that we keep having so many problems and fights….

Monday, it became a little more pressing to me, after a conversation I had with John — and realizing he sees it just that way — mommy yells at daddy so
much… Like I was ”the big bad mean wifey”….. Hurts coming from your eleven year old– who was there BEFORE the husband!!

But last night, DAN told John to stay up after the little ones were going to bed, and talked to him, letting him know that it was DAN”S fault that we have been living the way that we have. That he was slacking in HIS responsibilities, and that is why I was always upset with him… That it”s not my fault… And even told him, “the next time you see
mommy yelling at me, look at me and think about what I have done (or not done!) to make her f eel that way AGAIN.”

I was amazed!!! AND THEN, after John went to bed, Dan asked me what I needed him to do — and then HE DID IT!… and then… we did our bible study together, like we were supposed to…..

I am like, ready to fall over and die!!

FINALLY smiling,
: )