Marriage Help

Marriage Help

Marriage Help Welcome! Does your marriage need a DRASTIC CHANGE? Ours sure did 15 years ago! We were living in marriage hell! However, God transformed our lives, giving us an Outrageously Happy Marriage! Our story and the things that God taught us about marriage are bringing healing to distressed marriages all over the world.

Our marriage was not just saved though. We live an Outrageously Happy Marriage! The great news is that YOU can too! We did not always enjoy the Outrageously Happy Marriage that we are in now; in fact we suffered through constant shouting matches, emotional and verbal abuse, spiritual abuse and more. Our marriage hit its lowest when Joel fell into adultery. As a pastor you can imagine how hard this was on Kathy!

We are Joel and Kathy Davisson. Through our two books, The Man of Her Dreams/ The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin’ It And Lovin’ It!, you will find the marriage help that helped us go from misery to Outrageously Happy! The books have brought thousands of couples out of the worst of marriage problems. These are not books filled with theory and facts that aren’t relevant to you. Instead, they present a very honest image of what a marriage on the rocks is like, and how it can be repaired through the power of God. (No, we are not teaching women to submit to their husbands and “follow their leadership.”) God taught us the TRUTH, a marriage can only be GREAT through MUTUAL submission, TEAM leadership and MUTUAL honor. This is the road into the joyous, fulfilling experience that God intended marriage to be for BOTH husband and wife!

The Marriage help that we offer boils down to one question. This is the “Golden Key” as found in Chapter One of “The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!” That question is this: “How do I become the man that God has called me to be?” The answer? You become the MAN that GOD has called you to be; as you become the HUSBAND that your WIFE needs you to be! When a man becomes the MAN of his wife’s DREAMS, then SHE can become the WOMAN of HIS! We have based our Christian marriage help program on 14 basic concepts or “paradigms” of marriage that arise from this basic question. We call these “Joel and Kathy’s 14 ‘New Maradigms’ of Marriage”.

We are certain that you will find the help with marriage that you need in order to not just stay married, but to have an outrageously happy marriage. In addition to the two books, you are going to discover many other wonderful resources such as DVDs, a marriage forum, Marriage Mentoring phone calls, and even weekend marriage intensives.