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    Christian Marriage Counseling If your marriage looks like it may not last much longer, and you have tried traditional Christian marriage counseling to no avail, you have come to the right place. No matter what has happened in your marriage, be it adultery, abuse, pornography, or constant fighting, we can help you! You are about to discover two life changing and dynamic books: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin’ It And Lovin’ It! These books have brought dramatic change into so many lives! After reading, you will also be able to access three weekly marriage mentoring phone calls conducted by ourselves and/or our helpers! Be sure to check out the “Counseling Questions and Answers” found on the website.

    We are Joel and Kathy Davisson. We know exactly what it is like to be in a relationship that is falling apart. I, Joel, was both, verbally and mentally, abusive to my wife and things eventually declined into my committing adultery. The problem was that I was selfish! Whenever she expressed a need to me, it would make me feel insecure and overwhelmed. My immaturity caused me to be repelled by her, and to become angry. Later I learned that the problems were my entire fault. The solution was simple! I simply needed to begin treating Kathy like the princess she deserved to be treated as. Traditional Christian marriage counseling often misses this simple truth and becomes a long and drawn out process. However, you can find real help quickly at the website, on our marriage forum and through our bestselling books. You too can experience newfound joy in your marriage, as Kathy and I have.

    Things started to change in my life when Kathy and I attended a Life Skills Ministry seminar in Colorado, a powerful Christian marriage family counseling program. I had arrived full of information on how Kathy had been mistreating me over the years – so I did not like what I began to hear! The founder of Life Skills, Paul Hegstrom, constantly spoke about what men need to do in order to keep the marriage together. This began to really grate on me to the point where I confronted him, “When do we talk about what women have to do?” Naturally I didn’t like his answer. He told me that when the man had all his issues straight, the woman would usually begin to respond in a positive way.

    My road to recovery was a long and difficult one, but Paul Hegstrom was able to speak some sense into me . If you have given up on Christian counseling for marriage don’t fret. So have many others. When they find us, they find the help they need! (It is not us though. It is God and what he has done in us and taught us that makes the difference.) It’s not easy to see past the selfishness of worrying only about how we feel instead of feeling about how our wives’ feel. If you will click on our Home Page link now, you will read more about the pain that we went through, and how we entered into an Outrageously Happy Marriage.