Christian Marriage Advice

Christian Marriage Advice

Christian Marriage Advice You got married with great hopes and dreams! However, in most Christian marriages, there comes a time when you may need some Christian marriage advice in order to keep your marriage from falling apart. You have come to the right place! Here, you can get the help you need to not only stay married, but to enjoy the wonderful, happy marriage that you’ve always dreamed of having.

We are Joel and Kathy Davisson. Our marriage went through the same things you are going through, probably worse. But God brought us to the place where we are Outrageously Happily married, and he can do the same for you.

The Christian marriage advice that we offer on our site is provided through various mediums, including books, marriage forums, personal phone calls, nationwide marriage mentoring calls, even Weekend Marriage Intensives! The place to start, regardless of what problems you are facing in your marriage, is with our two books: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin’ it and Lovin’ it! After having purchased both books, you are then able to access the marriage forums, and discuss your progress with other people just like you.

If you are having significantly rough times in your marriage we are here for you through the Marriage Mentoring calls and online marriage forum. You are welcome to call or go online to discuss what is happening in your marriage and how to fix it. The first call will always be free, afterwards we charge just a small $10 fee per month to access three or more weekly marriage mentoring calls.

Sometimes just reading Christian advice on marriage isn’t enough, you have to speak with someone, and let things out. When we were having problems in our marriage, Kathy just wanted someone to talk to about it. Now that our marriage is outstandingly happy, we want to be an ear for you!

Finally, we know you will find the Christian advice for marriage on our message boards helpful. Here, you will be able to discuss your problems and your successes with others who are seeking help with their marriages. You can discuss things that are going wrong in your marriage with people who have been there before, and know what it’s like.

Kathy and I will chime in, as well, in order to provide personal advice on how we overcame maybe the same problems that you are going through right now. If you are ready to give up the old marriage that isn’t working, and restore a new life together with your spouse, keep exploring this website by going to the home page now!