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Online Marriage Counseling If you are having troubles in your marriage, and are not sure what to do in order to set things back on the right track, online marriage counseling type input may be perfect for you. We are Joe and Kathy Davisson. My husband, Joel, and I have been through some exceedingly tough times together. In fact, our marriage was a bit like a roller coaster with its constant, sudden, ups and downs. We were both in ministry from the start of our marriage which only made things the more difficult; after all we were supposed to be the example.

Joel often revealed himself to be a cunning manipulator. Our marriage suffered mostly due to his selfishness and horrible behavior. In our marriage, I suffered from both spiritual, and mental, abuse. Things had finally reached rock bottom when he committed adultery. I received a letter from him telling me that the marriage was over, and explaining how I should handle things in the church. Living with Joel was most difficult when he would justify his wrong behavior to me by telling me that it was my duty to submit to him as his wife. And I did just that for the better part of our marriage, constantly letting him get away with things, being a doormat.

If you are a married woman, and these circumstances sound very similar to you, there is help. The online marriage counseling type of help that my husband and I offer has put countless couples back on the right track, and we can do the same for you. If you find yourself feeling like you would be better off just giving up, I know how you feel. God spoke to me, however, and told me that I would be able to help many people out with their marriages if I just stick with it. Now we are able to help you overcome these same obstacles with the online Christian marriage counseling type of help that we offer. Actual marriage counseling, in legal terms, is quite expensive and often does not produce immediate results. We are not counselors and we don't offer traditional online Christian Marriage Counseling. We offer real help from the perspective of a real couple (and many others) who have had a real MARRIAGE MIRACLE in their lives.

In our books, The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin' It And Lovin' It!, Joel and I have written all about how his life changed and mine along with it. Thanks to this miracle, we have been able to be a beacon of hope for many others who are experiencing misery in their marriage. Besides our two books, we also offer marriage and family counseling online type of help utilizing Nationwide group marriage mentoring phone calls and an online marriage forum where you can interact with others who have walked the road from misery to Outrageously Happy!

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