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Marriage Forum Are you looking for an in-depth marriage forum that offers help to married couples who are going through a rocky time in their marriage? You have found it! We are Joel and Kathy Davisson, co-authors of the Amazon bestsellers The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin' it and Lovin' it! We wrote these books because we once had a marriage that was suffering from such problems, it almost ended in divorce. When we discovered the concepts needed to have an outrageously happy marriage, we lived an Outrageously Happy Marriage for ten years and then wrote these books so we could help couples all over the world to experience the same joy that we have.

The "God Save My Marriage" marriage forum on our site is completely free, and is the perfect complement to our books. We have special sections for "Women whose husbands are working against the marriage" and one for couples who are working together toward an outrageously happy marriage. We have sections with all of our favorite "posts" that have been written by ourselves and by couples whose marriages have been healed! The praise reports section of the site is where anyone who has experienced a miracle in their relationship can come and share their experiences.

Also available on our Christian marriage forum are sections for husbands who are working to win their wife's heart back, women whose husband's are working to win their heart back and women whose husbands are working to win her heart back! There is also a Spanish section for Hispanic visitors on our site. The marriage forum is not a "free for all" as are so many online marriage forums. You will receive strong, directive advice based solidly on our two books and on the Word of God. You will not get advice from "Internet travelers" who just want to jump in and spout a bunch of bad marriage advice. No one is going to tell a wife to just "submit, respect and pray". You are going to LOVE these marriage forums. There are new topics posted regularly, on various issues that are common, such as what to do in cases where one of the partners in a marriage are not Christians, to advice for singles. You can also go directly to the forum by clicking

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