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Help Save Marriage You CAN HAVE an OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY MARRIAGE! Let's speak to the men here: We work with many men who have lost their wife's heart. Many men will dishonor their wife for so long that she finally "breaks". They, they work desperately trying to win back her trust and respect. Often a wife does not realize that this is the very thing that was needed to wake her husband up! Now, because she waited too long to close her heart, she has ended up cold, closed and bitter. But wait! There is hope! I have been through it all myself and almost lost my wonderful wife Kathy due to my own problems with selfishness, pride, and ego. Through the grace of God however, I overcame these shortcomings. Kathy and I did stay together - but not just together; we are Outrageously Happily Married! In order to help others save their marriages and be outrageously happy as God intended, we have written two books that can help save marriage: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin' It And Lovin' It!

As you read the two books and begin to understand the concepts, you will be able to live this new way and God will get involved to help save marriage. You can learn to be a Christ like man and bring healing to your wife and children for everything that has happened in the past. If your goal is only to just stay together, this is not for you. We want you to be HAPPY! Both of you! You will learn how to lay your life down for your wife as Christ did for the church and your wife will then be able to open her heart and respond in like manner. This is the true road to happiness in your marriage!

As you can find in the testimonials on this site, we get emails from men all over the country asking us, "Help me save my marriage." We are more than happy to help them, but they have to be ready to change and become the man that God has called them to be. This is just one of the 14 New Paradigms of Marriage (Joel and Kathy's Maradigms) that we have included in our books. You are going to discover how to become the Man of Your Wife's Dreams; and then your wife will learn how she can become "The Woman of Yours! If your wife is willing, then certainly we want you to BOTH read the books. It is great to have both of your eyes fully opened as you work to have a truly happy marriage.

In order to save a marriage and restore a family, there is required a lot of CHANGE. You have come to the right place to start this process of change! We are Joel and Kathy Davisson. We and our team of helpers can help you. Besides our two books, which are bestsellers on Amazon, you will find many other wonderful resources such as DVDs, a marriage forum, phone calls, and even Weekend Marriage Intensives if necessary. If you find yourself asking "can these books really help save my marriage?" you can read through an extensive 120 page excerpt from our book right on our site by simply providing your email address.

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