The keys to an outrageously happy marriage that have enabled us to experience "Heaven on Earth" in our marriage can help you regardless of your difficulties. I am Kathy Davisson. I lived through ten years of a difficult marriage while involved in the ministry, (even while Pastoring for four years!) and our problems culminated in adultery. (Hi! This is Joel. I was the cause of all of Kathy's suffering for ten years!)

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The recording you are listening to was recorded in 2004.
The promises still holds true today after thousands have been read all over the world!

That was then (1984-1994). This is now! We have been living a Dream Marriage for over seventeen years! We have discovered the secrets to a happy marriage. We discovered, to our amazement, that we were victims of the traditional marriage teachings that have been popular in the Body of Christ for the last 45 years.

The keys to an outrageously happy marriage that have enabled us to experience "Heaven on Earth" in our marriage can help you regardless of your difficulties.

"It truly is the secret to having the most successful marriage anyone ever imagined. Most powerful!" First Lady Vernell "This book will ultimately change the way you see yourself first, then each other and your marriage will never be the same after you read it" Pastor Lance

Pastors Lance & Vernell Alexander
Rivers of Life Christian Ministries
Shreveport, LA.

"This book puts into a nutshell the answer to every problem in every marriage."

Charles and Frances Hunter
Internationally Known

Evangelists Authors of more than 50 books.

Are you suffering in a marriage that you thought was going to be happy?

Are the disappointment, frustration and anger experienced in your marriage relationship at a high level?

Are you living in a cold war with someone who has changed completely since the day you said, "I do"?

You can have a happy marriage. You can have a miracle of restoration!

Using our proven principles of marriage success, we take you by the hand and lead you step by step into a marriage that has less stress, more happiness, and increased understanding. These principles virtually eliminate arguments.

"The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" is creating miracles in marriages all over the world. When you go to our web site, be sure to click on the link for "Real Life Testimonies" and see for yourself what can happen in your marriage because of this life- changing book.

Our proven "Miracle in Your Marriage" message is so unique that you have to read it to believe it. The small purchase price of $15 plus S&H is nothing to spend for the possibility of living "Happily Ever After!" The information is worth a million dollars to the couple that is saved from misery in their marriage.

There is no obligation. There is no catch. This book is complete. It is a miracle in a nutshell. It is yours to keep. Period. No strings attached. After you read the book and receive the miracle in your marriage, you can give the book to a friend and see a miracle happen for them.

Order Now! book directs men to free themselves and, most importantly, their mates as Christ has freed us. I challenge Christian men, Black and White, to resist living out the stereotype assigned by popular culture of being clueless schmucks regarding relationships. It is time to buck up and lead our marriages to the blissful state Joel and Kathy now enjoy.

Roderick Burton
Author; The Moral State of Black America

To see many short teaching excerpts, testimonies and other things, do a search for "Joel and Kathy Davisson" on Youtube. But first! Order this book! It will change your life!

This will be the last book that you will ever buy in order to save your marriage.

Yes, you will later enjoy reading books from other popular authors to enhance your marriage, but this is the book that ends misery and gives you the tools that you need to save your marriage and then have a very, very happy 'until death do us part' experience in life with your sweetheart.

Update! This article was originally written in 2004. That was the year that "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" was originally written. Since then, thousands of copies have been sold resulting in thousands of healed and happy marriages! The last seven years have truly been remarkable! We have written a second volume titled "Livin' it and Lovin' it!" - which has proven to continue the miracles that are started with book one! Where do you start? You still start with the first book - that is your miracle! Today we have a 12 Hour DVD set, Weekend Marriage Intensives, Group Marriage Phone Help Lines six nights per week and a 24/7 online marrriage help forum.

This is it! This is your miracle! Your miracle in a nutshell!

Our story not only saves marriages, but it also brings great healing to survivors of divorce. You will see the same patterns that should have landed us in divorce court, and you will realize that you really are not crazy.

There is so much more that we could say, but the proof is in the pudding. If you need more encouragement that this book will help you, you can spend about two hours reading testimonies and endorsements on the web site.

There are over 300 testimonies on our website now of couples who have attended our Weekend Marriage Intensives!

Your marriage can be dramatically changed and healed.

We have also been on Daystar and a number of other TV shows. At our website you will be able to see the Daystar appearance!

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"We rejoice for the help that this book will give people wanting a better marriage."

Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty 
Pastor of 13,000 member
Victory Christian Center in
Tulsa, Oklahoma    

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Check out the book which is saving marriages everywhere it is read!

The story of our intense marriage problems and the things that God taught us which have now given us an outrageously happy marriage are causing miracles to happen in many marriages.

At the book web site, you will be able to read powerful, real life testimonies of marriages that have been dramatically healed, endorsements by Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty, Dr. Richard Sigmund, Pastor Jerry Barnard, Pastors Jim and Pam Dumont and others, the Foreword by Charles and Frances Hunter, the introduction by retired Baptist pastor, Rev. Elizabeth

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