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As seen on Lifetime TV - The Balancing Act or on "Unfaithful" on the Oprah Winfrey Network.
We were joined by Dr. Lee Brandt.

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The Man of Her Dreams, The Woman of His

Rebuild Your Marriage, Recover From Adultery and Abuse, and Enhance any Marriage Using the Life Changing Principles that God Taught us.
These Principles Which Have Given Us an Outrageously Happy Marriage will Teach You How to Experience One Also! DVD & Audio Book Available. Marriage Help is here

Read the book that is saving marriages wherever it is read!!


We understand!


Weekend Marriage Intensives
in Palm Coast, Florida with Joel and Kathy


Nov. 29th-Dec. 3rd, 2017

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-----Weekend Marriage Intensives are conducted by Joel and Kathy in Palm Coast, Florida. This is a Weekend Marriage Retreat that is designed for those couples who need more than just marriage help!

You are in crisis and need a miracle NOW. The weekends are limited to six couples for maximum impact.

If this weekend does not begin your miracle, nothing will!

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"This book puts into a nutshell the answer to every problem in every marriage."

Charles and Frances Hunter
Internationally Known Evangelists Authors of more than 50 books.

Joel and Kathy offer serious marriage help and answers to questions about adultery, marriage restoration and recovery. Offering the Best Marriage Books, Weekend Marriage Intensives and Marriage Counseling type help. If your heart cry is 'God Save My Marriage!' you have come to the right place!

"It truly is the secret to having the most successful marriage anyone ever imagined. Most powerful!" Vernell

"This book will ultimately change the way you see yourself first, then each other and your marriage will never be the same after you read it" Pastor Lance

Pastors Lance & Vernell Alexander
Rivers of Life Christian Ministries
Shreveport, LA.

"The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" directs men to free themselves and, most importantly, their mates as Christ has freed us. I challenge Christian men, Black and White, to resist living out the stereotype assigned by popular culture of being clueless schmucks regarding relationships. It is time to buck up and lead our marriages to the blissful state Joel and Kathy now enjoy.

Roderick Burton
Author; The Moral State of Black America

We rejoice for the help that this book will give people wanting a better marriage."

Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty
Pastor of 13,000 member Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Your honesty and counseling approach cut through the defenses and denial that so may troubled couples have. Your wise counsel has clearly brought couples out of the blame game and helped them address the more healing route of "What can I do differently that will make the relationship better?"

James Mallory, M.D.

Atlanta Counseling Center, Atlanta, GA Author: Battle of the Sexes
A.B. in Biology from Princeton University; M.D. from Duke University Medical Center; Member of AMA, CMDS, Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry. He has authored The Kink and I, Mental Health: A Christian Approach, Untwisted Living and Battle of the Sexes.

"..their insights shared through "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" will surely help preserve other marriages needing help."

Pastors Jim & Pam Dumont
Christian Fellowship Church
Erie, Pennsylvania


I continue to refer people to the book in my counseling sessions. It is a MUST for all of my marriage counseling clients.

Gary C Lange, PhD, LMFT, LCPC; MS, LPC -
Life Builders Counseling Center
Mesquite, TX 75150
(972) 698-8478

".. the story and principles in this book can direct (a) couple to dreams fulfilled..."

Pastor Jerry Barnard
Nationally known TBN Television Minister
Pastor of The International Christian Center
Daytona Beach, Florida

I like the clarity of the statement about marriage being taught "upside down". I've not known of a book clearly stating the "backwardness" of marriage teachings in the church, and your testimony is so powerful and courageous.

Brenda Waggoner,
Author: The Myth of the Submissive Christian Woman, Tyndale House

"You are holding onto dynamite! Let "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" transform your marriage into the joyous, fulfilling experience that God intended!"

Elizabeth Jameison
Retired American Baptist Pastor
American Baptist Delaware and Pennsylvania Region

"This book is real answers with real people. I highly recommend its use to other professional marriage counselors."

Lisa Winchell -Licensed Pastoral Counselor  www.inhisimagecounseling.org



"The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His," is a very real, well written book. Your testimony is truly from the real world, so many Christian couples will be able to relate to your heartaches, and will benefit from your journey to healing and restoration; because of it others can also learn to enjoy marriage as God intended.

Kevin & Joy Wilson
Founders of Book22.com
"Enhancing Your Intimate Relationship"
Ventura, California

"Both my husband and I strongly recommend this information- packed book for all married couples. As fellow couples in couple's ministry, we can truly see the need for such a book. Both Joel and Kathy speak candidly, opening the hearts and sharing and confessing their deepest hurts in the hope that they can help other couples save their marriages and even make them joyous! Their honesty is so refreshing as it takes true faith to be pastor(s) in their church yet so publicly risk the expressing of their testimonies in order to use their trials to help others triumph. A must read!"

Sherri and Michael      www.MyBelovedsGarden.net

             Real Life Testimonies!

Real Life Testimonies from real people who had marriages on the verge of divorce miraculously saved through reading this life changing book! These are just a few of the miracle reports that we have received! Read more on the testimony page.

Miracles do take place! I just want to thank-you for what your book has done for our marriage. It is like I have a new husband.

Amy Collins - Tulsa, Oklahoma

This book has changed my life! Divorce was not God's plan for our lives. Amy and I feel like young teenagers in love again!

Terry Collins - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thank-You for writing this book, Joel and Kathy. Because of it, I now see that Mary is my BEST FRIEND! I truly am in love with her and want to meet her needs. (Instead of that impending divorce.)

Now, when Mary asks me to do something, it is not done grudgingly, with a look of “How dare you interrupt me when I am so busy (Doing absolutely nothing is more like it),” and a heavy sigh. It is “automatic”. It is done “because I want to meet the needs of my wife.” Being married is becoming easy, dying to myself is much sweeter, as I increase in desire to please the one God gave me to love, cherish and honor to His Glory.

                                                                       James A. Stillwagon II - Florida


         National Book Industry Reviews!

Reviewer: Rebecca Johnson "The Rebecca Review "
"The Man of Her Dreams, The Woman of His" really brings home the point about how spirituality is not determined by what you believe, but how you put those beliefs into practice. Joel and Kathy Davisson speak with complete honesty throughout, although I felt that one of the main reasons their marriage now works is because they have found a common goal (a common life purpose seems essential) and a way to heal the world through their own experience.

The way this book may change your life is through a realization of the basic needs of any human being. Respect and kindness go a long way in a marriage and the issues Joel and Kathy struggle with at the start of their marriage are probably the same issues their souls struggled with before they were married. Marriage amplified the problems and many times I think marriage is a place where your love for God is severely tested. It can at times feel like you are under constant attack until you finally realize that you may be your own worst enemy. Character flaws become especially painful in a marriage and by improving yourself and healing your past wounds, you can heal your marriage with love and understanding.

Kathy committed herself to her marriage even after physical, spiritual and emotional abuse. She believed there was hope, although this book says that a woman does not have to remain in a marriage if she is being physically abused. When her husband Joel had an affair, the marriage could have ended, but she decided to forgive.

This book is a beautiful story about what is possible when two souls decide to grow spiritually instead of continuing to control each other with a belief system. The idea of "spiritual" abuse makes sense and is not one I had considered before. This book is about a power struggle that turned into a struggle for love's completion. The couple's fear of intimacy, selfish actions and unkind words eventually had to be dealt with because they went against everything a marriage is supposed to be.

When Joel and Kathy decide to "embrace a new paradigm" they suddenly break free from the old restrictive traditions of their belief system and they enter a place of mutual respect, kindness and deep consideration for each other's spiritual growth. I cried and laughed (I read my husband the story of THE NOTE which was hilarious) while reading this book, it was so real! I hope you will read this book and try the new power-sharing paradigm in your relationship. Some of the great ideas in this book include:

A man's responsibility to meet his wife's needs
A woman's responsibility to understand her husband's needs
Living what you believe - the challenge of trying to live a spiritual life
Golden Keys - Ideas to open the heart of any woman
Ways to show love that are unmistakable and undeniable
Why you should turn up the heat in your relationship

I'm happy the authors were so honest about their lives because I think many times in religious communities, people are afraid to admit they are human and are struggling with incredible pressures from society.

This book will give you hope and if you are struggling in a relationship that seems chaotic and unsatisfying, give yourself the patience you deserve. It can take years to put the principles in this book into practice, but your marriage is worth saving! In two or three years, you may look back at the day you decided to stay in your marriage and realize that you are now happier than you ever thought you could be.

~The Rebecca Review

Shirley Priscilla Johnson Midwest Book Review  -

Perhaps one of the hardest hit areas in our Christian walk is in the arena of family and especially in marriage. Nothing seems to outrage the enemy of our faith more than a strong, loving marriage, with couples walking in the true light of fellowship with each other. Sadly, it appears that many true loving Christians can't seem to allow the love of God to flow in their own personal relationship in marriage; now there is hope for many in this book by Joel and Kathy Davisson. In this work Joel and Kathy openly discuss the problems that they faced in their marriage. Although they were followers of Christ it seemed the concept didn't flow within their relationship one to another. Mixed emotions, anger, resentment, disappointments, deep hurts and wrong interruption of some of God's Word led to unfulfilled existences for both of them. They knew something was wrong but didn't know how to fix it until God intervened with revelation that set them free. In this work this wonderful couple freely share the many pitfalls that they were in and show you how God led them out. They do this in an honest, easy to understand way and give you explanations of the how's and why's. I think what I loved the most about this book is the clear way they show that Jesus is the Master and we all have our part to play in His Kingdom, equally. If you want a true loving Christian relationship with your husband/wife this is a must read for you. Some of the solutions may cause a few 'ouches' along the way but I promise you if you implement these truths into your marriage you truly can have, " The Man of Her Dreams -The Woman of His." Recommended!

Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review

Book Review by Round Table Reviews

The divorce rate in the world is staggering, and authors Joel and Kathy Davisson found themselves heading down a similar path after Joel had an affair. However, the couple decided to sit back and look at things, which led them to truly re-evaluate their marriage and what they needed to do in order to save it, hence their book, THE MAN OF HER DREAMS THE WOMAN OF HIS.

THE MAN OF HER DREAMS THE WOMAN OF HIS takes a spiritual, honest look at making the most of your marriage. The authors incorporate their personal experience in rebuilding their own crumbling marriage. Most of the principles and advice within are concepts I truly believe in, and I feel most couples would benefit from this book.

Plenty of biblical reference is used to get the authors' points across, so you have to expect this to be aimed towards Christian readers. Even so, those who are less devout will still find plenty of useful advice within. Every topic you would expect is covered from “after kid blues” to infidelity. Those of us with children know how demanding they can be, leaving little time for “mom and dad” to be alone. The sections covering that aspect are definitely worth reading and should be mandatory for any soon-to-be parents!


"100% satisfaction money-back guarantee"

This life changing book which will show you
the path to a happy marriage ...

Only $15
(Multiple copy discounts are offered)

"Livin' It and Lovin' It!" is only $17!
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A happy marriage? Priceless!

"100% satisfaction money-back guarantee"

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Joel and Kathy are are also available to counsel ministry leaders who are experiencing a marriage crisis. The following letter from Pastor Phil Derstine, of Christian Retreat, in Bradenton, Florida, is a letter thanking J and K for the counsel that they have offered to some close ministry friends of Christian Retreat; leaders who are in a marriage crisis. We also offer weekly marriage mentoring on the phone via a national marriage mentoring conference call. You will receive information on this when you order the book(s)!

Hi Joel & Kathy,

Wow, I've been reading the epistles you have been writing Randy and Joanne. What a piece of work.

I am so impressed and blessed by your attentiveness to this marriage crisis. You've certainly been investing the time. I appreciate your blend of candor and sincerity. Your counsel is right on the money.

I'm praying that Randy will have a personal encounter with God over this 7-14 day separation. They seem to work well together by day, but it's their time at home in the evenings that is devastating. Randy will need to receive his own revelation on this matter so that he truly "owns" it.

Thanks again for your counsel, I love reading your counseling letters. Sometimes I laugh out loud. It's amazing to me when I read the very words that I spoke to Randy independent of your writing. You might consider publishing your letters in a new book... could simply title it "Letters to Randy." (smile). Blessings to you both,

Phil (& Jannette)
Pastors Phil and Jannette Derstine
Christian Retreat - Bradenton, Florida

Dear Joel and Kathy,

Thank you very much for the complimentary (3rd Edition) book. I
continue to refer people to the book in my counseling
sessions. It is a MUST for my marriage counseling clients.

Gary C Lange, PhD, LMFT, LCPC; MS, LPC -
Life Builders Counseling Center
3819 Towne Crossing Blvd, Suite 107-Mesquite, TX 75150
(Dallas County). Phone #(972) 698-8478

Dr. GarySmalley liked it because it really nails the husband...and Dr. Smalley liked Kathy's persistent belief in the dream and the vision that was given before the marriage. Sue Parks             
Executive Assistant
Smalley Relationship Center


"I received the (5) books today.......they were at my house when I got home today. I still want to order 10 more books. The book is GREAT! I want to sow them into people's lives."
Thank you. Pastor Terris

There are too many marriages ... YES even "Christian" Marriage going "down the tubes"! For the past Forty Five years whatever "marriage counseling" was offered DID NOT WORK!! (I am living proof!) .... Joel and Kathy have a new "oblique" on the dilemma! They are saving hundreds ... maybe even thousands of marriages across the country! Whatever was "tried" in the past .... did not work. It's time for unity .... the churches to come together and tackle this problem "head on". Joel and Kathy are "just" a couple that is living the perfect marriage ... and is sharing their success .... they were on the verge of Divorce after an adulterous affair! Today, they act like two teenagers in love! The "Church" NEEDS to hear their message! I wish I heard it 13 years ago! It could have averted my first divorce. I wish I heard it 6 years ago ... it could have averted my second divorce!

Blessings, John
Click Here for Flier to make copies of to pass out at showings of "Fireproof, The Movie" This is a simple flier that you will be able to make copies of locally and give to people who may be looking for marriage help when they leave the theatre. The flier can be used anywhere else as a way to advertise the resources offered here.



This book is the essence of our life. Nothing is held back. We were saved from a marriage that included adultery, emotional, mental and verbal abuse. Today we are living our dream marriage.. to each other! If we can do it, so can you! God has a miracle in store for you when you read our book. Yes! We are living our dream marriage… but it has not always been this way. Screaming matches, verbal, emotional and mental abuse punctuated our first 10 years of married life. In 1994 we began to discover the keys that have given us this dream marriage which we are enjoying today. If you are newlywed or are just preparing to marry, this book will save you years of misery. If you have been married 20 years as we have, this book will heal you from the mistakes of the past and guide you into a dream marriage in the present. If you are currently in an abusive relationship, as we were for 10 years, this book has the ability to turn things around. In our website you will be able to read the full endorsements and testimonies that "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" is gaining from all around the nation. You can read the Foreword, Preface and Introduction. You can order one copy or 1000 to use in your own ministry. We want to see your marriage saved! Our aim is to see the national divorce rate plummet. This will happen when millions of these books reach millions of married couples. Allow our story to touch your life today and then do what you can to insure that your friends also obtain a copy. If you have ten friends who are married, the statistics assure you that five of them are living in a secret misery leading to divorce. You can help them by obtaining a copy for them or by leading them to this website.

Joel and Kathy,

We met at the NCCA meeting in Orlando. I want you to know your book is changing lives!My husband has changed his attitude and is treating me like I'm his bride. We've been married 15 years. I hooked him on the book by reading him chapter 20 first! hee hee hee!One of my brothers is reading it and can't put it down; (20 years of marriage) his wife says he is making changes and is even getting up in the middle of the night to read it. He is going to buy one of your books and give it to my other brother for his birthday. Get this, my mother has left my father after 46 years of marriage! She said that after reading your book a couple of times that she realized she was not to blame for the problems in the marriage. She really grasped every word that was written. It helped her toughen up and take a stand against the emotional and Spiritual abuse of my father; he is an assistant Pastor of a non-denominational church. He says one thing in the pulpit and another thing at home. I am so proud of my mother for taking a stand. Right now she is staying in a motel and her and my father are talking things through. This is all good! Praise God for your story. I will be in touch to buy more books!

God is good! Allyssa Monroe

Here is part two of this testimony!

Joel and Kathy,You are not going to believe this! My mom stayed in the motel for one week. Dad read the book during that week and God took the scales off his eyes; he is a changed man and is willing to testify to this fact in front of the whole church and also his children.They are going to renew their vows Feb. 13th, reception and all. Dad went out and bought mom a whole set of rings and a wedding dress! This is too awesome! Their church has requested to buy some of the books from me. I am encouraging them to order their own because I've had no problem getting rid of them!What an awesome God we serve!

Allyssa Monroe

Dear Joel and Kathy,I work for a secular organization and one of the therapists has ordered four from me! He says he is going to give them to his daughters. I am so excited!What I plan to do is make the books available to our church near Valentines Day. I know I will get a great response from our congregation.

I'll be in touch, Allyssa Monroe

Would you like to receive marriage mentoring, encouragement and help on a live forum? Would you like to peer over the shoulders of other couples as they receive marriage help and share their own successes and failures? When you request excerpts of the book, or when you order any product, you will receive the address for the forum!

If your marriage has been ravaged by adultery, porn, other marital problems, divorce, emotional abuse, mental abuse or verbal abuse, then allow Joel and Kathy Davisson to help you!  Joel was a Pastor in 1991 when he got into an affair. He then continued to abuse Kathy with spiritual abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse and emotional abuse. Joel's infidelity and continuing abuse almost caused a divorce. In 1994, Joel and Kathy attended a week of classes that were designed to teach them how to minister to couples who were in severely abusive marriages! Life Skills International conducted by Dr. Paul Hegstrom.

There they learned that Joel was an abusive husband. Their marriage restoration began immediately. In 2004, after ten years of living an extraordinarily happy marriage, God led the Davisson's to write The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! Now, through this Christian marriage ministry, Joel and Kathy help couples with every type of marriage problems, such as: recovery from porn addiction, adultery, abuse and help for a myriad of other marital problems.  The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His Ministry includes Christian marriage training opportunities and marriage support. This marital support includes marriage seminars, their signature Weekend Marriage Intensive, phone marriage counseling and personal marriage mentoring. The Weekend Marriage Intensive is a combination of marriage retreat, divorce prevention and a Marriage Workshop.  

The Weekend Marriage Intensive Marriage Retreats conducted by Joel and Kathy have brought about remarriage after divorce, rekindling of romantic love, adultery recovery and recovery from every other kind of unfaithfulness in marriage.  Marriage coaching and couples coaching is available for FREE on Joel and Kathy's online marriage forum at www.joelandkathy.com/boards/   The marital advice, Christian marital counseling, relationship advice and answers for married couples problems that are found in the marriage tools offered here often bring immediate marriage recovery. This ministry is a marriage builder in every way. The marriage help that is available for marriage problems combines the best of relationship workshops, marriage enrichment and communication skills. Other Marriage Builder's and marriage counselors utilize the marriage training and marriage support that is offered by this marriage recovery and marriage restoration ministry. Professional marriage counselors also utilize the books in their marriage counseling practice. Often couples are referred to Joel and Kathy Davisson's Weekend Marriage Intensive by Pastors and other counselors when they have given up on their worst case counseling clients.

Joel and Kathy's entire ministry functions as a support group for husbands and wives. Husband and wife alike will want to utilize the relationship counseling and marriage support that is available to recover from severe to moderate relationship problems. If you are looking for divorce prevention, recovery from an extra-marital affair, or affairs, and have tired of traditional marriage advice; if you would like to rekindle the dream of love and romance in your marriage, if you would like to eliminate control and manipulation in your marriage, if you need to have restoration from a marital separation - and would like to experience a renewed love affair  with your spouse; you have found the answers with Joel and Kathy's marriage ministry! If your heart cry is "Jesus, save my marriage!" "God Save my Marriage!" "Jesus Help my Marriage" or "God Help My Marriage" - then we believe that you have found the answer to your prayers!

Couples everywhere are enjoying love affairs again, with their marriage partner, after reading the 2 marriage books that are written by Joel and Kathy: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin' it and Lovin' it!    The book(s) are endorsed by Charles and Frances Hunter, Billy Joe Daugherty, Richard Sigmund, author of A Place Called Heaven and many other counselors, Pastors and teachers. Dr. Paul Hegstrom, founder of Life Skills International wrote the foreword to "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!"

Instead of looking to divorce recovery - how about pursuing divorce prevention!  Instead of a private investigator, how about reading these marriage recovery books and learn how to restore intimacy in married life from people who have been where you are! We and many couples whom Joel and Kathy have helped are now experiencing an Outrageously Happy Marriage! Be sure to go the web page that has over 300 testimonies from people who have attended a Weekend Marriage Intensive! Read the regular Testimony Page that has many testimonies from couples who have simply read the books and received a marriage miracle. Look at the Counseling Q & A page for answers that have been offered to other couples with marital problems just like yours! If you are a man who has lost your wife's heart and need to restore the relationship, go the page that is For Men. You will find a lot of writing to real life men in your shoes - men who ended up winning their wife's heart back. The links for these pages are at the top left of this page in the menu. 

Your marriage can recover from any and every type of marriage problem. God's way for marriage works! In a nutshell, "God's Way" looks like this: Mutual Submission, Mutual Respect, Mutual Honor and Team Leadership in the home and marriage. God's perfect plan is for you to experience an Outrageously Happy Marriage!

Marriage is God's best idea for us to experience happiness while on earth! Marriage IS meant to make you happy! The enemy has often thwarted God's plan for marriage - but now you can redeem the time. Your evil days can be turned into glad days! You can be Outrageously Happily Married! You can have a MIRACLE in YOUR marriage! If Joel and Kathy can do it, SO CAN YOU!

From “One Day My Prince Will Come” to “My Prince Has Come!”

Note: The names are "Forum" names in our 24/7 Online Marriage Forum

Well, what a Mighty GOD we serve!!! My husband and I just attended the Intensive in October and there really is not enough words to say Thank you to our Lord and Savior and A BIG Thank you to Kathy and Joel!!

My Forum name is Onedaymyprincewillcome and my husband is Skippy. We have had a horrible marriage for the past 16 years as you can read in our posts. But, Thank God for this ministry and the powerful information we learned by attending. If you are debating on whether or not to go to the Intensive, I plead with you to try whatever it takes to get to one. The sooner the better. We attempted to get here 3 times and now know why we were having road blocks trying to get to the Intensive.

You will learn so much that you just can't get out of the books, even though they are fantastic and were our starting point and some couples can just read the books and "get it". Skippy was about 50% onboard by reading the books, when we started the Intensive that changed to about 80%. When Joel got to the mother son issues, I thought he was going to fall off the chair. It's not just a simple thing as "yeah, I have problems with my mother, so what!" It is soooo much deeper than that. After the 3rd day of the Intensive, skippy was on 1000%. I could not believe the change in him, he did a complete turnaround.

It's like he finally got it, but he was willing to get it also. You have to be willing and wanting for this to work. I believe if skippy didn't want this to work, it would have taken years to get him to this point.

After the Intensive was over, it was like Skippy's heart opened up, the tears flowed and apologies came left and right, the attention was unbelievable... so much I cried each night not knowing how to handle the love attention and affection that was coming my way after 16 years!! He prays with me each and every morning and evening (something I always wanted him to do) and displays so much public affection and love.

Men, if you really want your marriage to survive and to have the Happiest wife in the world, do yourself a favor and register for the Intensive, do whatever it takes and you won't be sorry. I promise!

A Home Visit Testimony with Joel and Kathy!

It was wonderful to have Joel and Kathy in our home this past August after going to the June intensive. They were a lot of fun to be around and we really enjoyed their company.  They were also able to get a better perspective on our marriage by seeing different struggles in our home life and in our unique situations of our daily life. 

The example of a good marriage being played out in our home in front of our eyes was encouraging.  We saw Joel and Kathy display togetherness which is something that is currently a struggle in our marriage.  I, (Macy), remember saying to Kathy how free she seemed to be when with Joel and how they truly worked together.  I told her I want to be like that with Leon.

There were times when we needed help and in the midst of a situation, they were there to walk us through the process.  They walked us through feelings and frustrations.  I, (Macy),  remember coming into the room needing help and feeling frozen and not knowing what to do or say at the moment.  It was amazing to have the support of Joel and Kathy there to show us how to respond as initiator/responder and to have a safety net during a tense and touchy time.

The humor and lightheartedness they brought also to the table during those times helped to bridge a gap and move us forward.  The kids also remember them being in our home.  I still hear our six-year-old talk about their visit here and how they came to the amusement park with us. 

They were also there when a devastating phone call came to our home involving our daughter.  Joel helped to coach Leon with how to comfort me (Macy) and Kathy was a great source of strength to me.

We are grateful for this ministry and how the Lord led us to them.  We are learning and growing through this restoration and healing process.  Their consistency and faithfulness to us as a couple has been such an answer to prayer.  We are praying that this time next year we will have a testimony of healing and wholeness.

Leon and Macy


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Get a FREE 85 page excerpt of Book One!Get a FREE 85 page excerpt of Book One!